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Setting Up Your Own Private Email Server

Running an own company or are you a guarded person, Need a complementary and alternative Email service other than the usual service like Google and Microsoft. If it is yes, then you are looking for a Private Email Service. Yes, you can set up your private Email server at your home very quickly. Setting up your Email server is not as hard as you think, but you need some tips to do it. Come on, let us learn how to set up your Email server.

Your privacy is ensured

Private Email servers exist in your home or space that you give to it, which is very distinct from the common server farms of Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. The whole server will be in your control which can be customized as much as you want, For example, if you’re going to get to rid of spam mail or to get spam, install SpamAssassin which will protect your mail from spamming and from spam mail. Even though setting up your own private Email server has many advantages, it also has slight disadvantages. The disadvantage is getting hacked if not having regular maintains. It would be nothing serious if you kept your private server checked and support no one can touch your private server. So, let’s see the requirement and procedure for setting up your own private email server.


You need some list of things to set up your own private server. The requirements are a computer with enough space of hard disk storage, software, high speed and reliable internet, your domain name for Email. The computer will act as a server, and its hard disk should be large enough to store your all emails and attachments with it. The computer should run on either Windows or Linux. You will need some protection and mail software like MailEnable or Postfix to route and sort your Emails and SpamAssassin for spam protection and filters. High-speed and reliable internet is required to maintain your server to stay online forever. The high-speed internet is crucial in setting up a private server if you have lagging internet service then replace it with broadband or optical fibre internet service. On top of them all, you need to set up a domain name for your private Email servers like or Once you are done setting up the domain name, then you can open many Email addresses by using your domain name.

Procedure for setting up

The procedure for setting up your private server is straightforward.

  • Turn on your computer
  • Connect your computer with your high-speed internet
  • Set up your domain name by using any of the service providers like Wix, Wordpix, GoDaddy. The chargers will be applied as per your needs.
  • Install MailEnable (for Windows) or Postfix ( for Linux)
  • Register your domain name in Mailenable or Postfix
  • And also install highly reliable Antivirus software and SpamAssassin.
  • Setup your webpage with your requirements
  • Open an Email id

Setting up your own private Email server can be done within 10 to 15 minutes if you have all the requirements. That’s it; you can open your own private Email server easily. Be aware of the cons and maintain it frequently. Enjoy your privacy.