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Most Common Web Programming Languages

Currently, we are living in the digital era and technology is developing at an instant rate. So, it is not surprising to see that there is an extensive demand for programming languages. Learning programming is classified into small specialties like database programming, system programming, mobile application programming, and game programming.

Learning Web Programming

Now you might want to learn web programming or you might be an employee looking for some good job opportunities. Whatever the reason is, you might have a good career by learning some popular web programming languages.

Best Programming Languages In 2020

  • Java
java programming language

Invented in 1991, it is currently one of the most famous as well as popular programming languages in the world. Also, it is ranked as one of the highest-paid programming languages. Currently, more than nine million people are using Java and it is running more than seven billion devices around the world. Among the various programming applications, it is a significant platform for writing apps for Android and other major business software.

Recently a survey was conducted and it was found that in the TIOBE programming community, Java ranked one, totaling to about 20.79% of the list of the best programming languages. One of the major advantages of Java is that it is an open-source (which can run on Apache or IIS). Also, its source code is separate and clear from the HTML interface.

The virtual studio of Java can create code, thereby saving time in writing codes. Also, it is easy to learn Java if you know HTML, C+, etc.

  • Python

No doubt, Python is one of user-friendly and easy to use programming language. Similar to Java, its syntax is clear, intuitive and similar to the English language. In addition, it is an object-based subset, so it is somewhat similar to the JavaScript.

If you want to make a career in back-end development like Django, which is nothing but an open-source framework written in Python, then you have an easy-to-learn and feature-packed tool that is extremely popular. In addition, python has various applications, making it powerful as well as versatile.

Its popularity lies in the area related to scientific computing as well as the machine. Also, Python is one of the few programming styles using simple variables and functions without going into too much of interrogating the class definitions.

  • JavaScript

Nowadays, it will be impossible for a person to define himself as a software developer without using JavaScript. Various surveys clearly state that JavaScript is one of the common and popular languages among various developers for a decade.

Furthermore, JavaScript is interpreted, lightweight and plays a great role in the development of front-end. Major social media platforms trust and have faith over JavaScript as it gives one of the easiest ways for creating interactive web pages that are smooth as well as career-driven.

Another major reason for the preferability of JavaScript is that it is compatible with all the great browsers and is very much flexible with available as well as syntaxes it holds. Considered as one of the front-end languages, JavaScript is often used on the server-side with the help of the Node.js. Many web apps and sites are developed with this due to those features. Many of the top escort sites like skipthegames and slixa are developed in this way so that their content and escort reviews are easily accessible and any developers familiar with the language can hop in to fix and update things.

  • C#

Like most of the commonly used programming languages, C# is an object-oriented programming language. Developed by Microsoft, this runs on the .NET platform that is often used for creating games and applications in Windows. Above all this language is built on C++ and C languages however, it is very easy to use.

Now the C# has a similar kind of operation logic as C++. Also, the command lines are pre-run tested and even the syntax will be very much similar to Java. So, it means that if you have knowledge in Java and want the performance that is similar to C++, then you can use C# for any kind of programming.

Similarly, the Xamarin platform that is written in C# is commonly used for developing the applications which are running on devices having various kinds of operating systems (like iOS, Android, etc). C# is one of the most commonly used programming languages used for 2D, Virtual reality and 3D gaming.

  • PHP
php coding

Another major solid option web developers have is the PHP. Frankly, this is a unique server-side scripting language. It can easily power about 83% of a website and contains various back-end tools for tech giants and companies like Yahoo, Facebook, etc.

Thanks to the role PHP plays in WordPress, its popularity has increased a lot. The extensive role PHP has in WordPress content management system, makes it one of the best website development tools that are accessible to the masses.


The above given can be considered as the major web programming language tools that you can easily learn. It can be very much handy to gain career growth and exceed in your future growth.