3 Things To Do On A Rainy Day In Cornwall


Here in the UK, we’re famous for having some of the most stunning locations on the face of the earth, especially our national parks and stunning coastal areas. Because more and more people are discovering the natural beauty that the UK has to offer, many people are choosing to visit some of the more magnificent coastal towns and cities of our great nation for their holidays, rather than braving the crowded beaches and rowdy tourist hotspots of countries in Europe such as Spain or Greece. One of the main reasons why people did tend to favour warmer European countries such as Greece, Spain, Italy etc, is the fact that the weather is that much sunnier and warmer. Ok, here in the UK our summers have been known to be generally pleasant, but unfortunately if it’s one thing we’re known for, it’s our grey skies and wet weather. The county of Cornwall is, without question, one of the most visually stunning locations in the country and is certainly one of the most popular holiday destinations, not only for us Brits, but for tourists from across the globe. If you find yourself in Cornwall and the weather is, shall we say, far from ideal, here are 3 things to do on a rainy day in Cornwall.

Visit the Blue Reef Aquarium

I’m a big fan of aquariums and I’m fortunate enough to have visited this aquarium on numerous occasions in the past. To be honest, even if the weather was perfectly fine it would still be recommended that you visit this aquarium, but if the weather is wet and miserable, it’s really a no-brainer. You can see unique species such as spider crabs, sea cucumbers, baby turtles, a giant octopus, exotic fish, stingrays, and much more in this great aquarium, with the added bonus of being warm and dry as you make your way around the facility. There’s even a fantastic underwater tunnel where you’re literally face to face with some of the most stunning marine life on the planet.


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Visit the Eden Project

If the weather is indeed pretty miserable, and is far too cold to go paddling in the sea, the Eden Project is absolutely ideal. If you’ve an avid interest in flowers, wildlife, and nature in general, the Eden Project really is for you, and with the added bonus of a lovely warm dome to help keep you warm and dry.

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