View of London from Rotherhithe

The pulsing heart of the UK, London is home to a wide variety of characters. The city is famous for its serious business quarter and its chic high streets. When you travel to London, you will likely know what you want to see. Make sure that you plan your trip before you get to the city. There are many great places to visit in London, and you will want to see them all.

Getting around in London

Finding your way around the vast city streets will be tricky, but you will soon get the hang of it. Make sure that you buy yourself a map before your visit or download Google Maps for your smartphone. The underground is the best way to get around in the city. You will need to buy an Oyster card when you get to London. You can put money on the card so that you can travel on public transport. Buses and the underground no longer accept cash, so getting a card is vital.

See the main sights

Whilst in London, you will want to see the main sights. You should set aside around a day to see some of the main attractions that the city has to offer. London Bridge and Tower Bridge are must-see places as they make fantastic photo opportunities.

Take the Tate Boat

If you are an art lover, you must take the Tate Boat to see the two Tate galleries in London. The boat takes you on a trip up the river between the two galleries. The Tate Modern is home to many of the weirdest examples of art the world has to offer, whilst the Tate Britain has classic art pieces. Seeing both will allow you to sample the two main fields of art in the UK. Plus, the boat ride itself means you will get to see the skyline from the river.

Find the perfect accommodation

Knowing where to stay in London is difficult. The city has a wide variety of regions from which to choose. You might find that it is cheap to stay on the outskirts of the city, rather than dead in the center. Look for accommodation outside of the city center to get the best deals. For example, you might find that staying in Kensington Town is a cheap alternative to staying in the center of London.

Look out for pop-up stores

London is full of young, creative people. As such, you will often find a range of pop-up stores in the city center. These stores will sell anything from original artwork to designer clothes. The stores are open for a limited time, meaning that you can buy some individual pieces from them. Make sure you look out for adverts or flyers about pop-up stores so that you can find some great deals.

Drink coffee in an abandoned toilet

One hidden treasure, just off Oxford Street, sounds a little odd but is wonderful. The Attendant is a small cafe in what used to be a gentlemen's public toilet. The converted coffee shop is below street level; you have to walk down some stairs on the street to find it. Once inside the cafe looks... Well, it still looks like a toilet, only much cleaner. You can enjoy a latte underground whilst in the center of London.

Visit the British Library

While you are in London, you must visit the British Library. The library is home to plenty of incredible books and individual pieces. You might even get to see some of Shakespeare's original pieces or marvel at some of the drafts of the Magna Carta. The building itself is quite stunning as well, and so the library is worth visiting.

Perth's Swimsuit World Record Attempt April 2010

Last month, I had the opportunity to fly out to Perth to visit one of my best friends. Given that we live on two different continents nowadays, I don't get to see my buddy that often anymore. That's why when I grabbed my plane tickets and headed out to Perth, I knew it was going to be a weekend to remember.

I arrived in Perth on a Friday night, and from the moment I stepped out of the airplane, it was time to party. My best friend picked me up, with a bunch of his friends from the area, and we headed out to a local bar in the area. However, this wasn't your average bar, as this one featured topless waitresses, and boy, was Cassie a stunner! The guys had warned me that these waitresses were really something else, and they weren't kidding. These were some of the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life. When our waitress, Jenny, made her way to our table, she immediately took drink and food orders. She had given us some suggestions on what the best meals on the menu were for a Perth newbie like me.

Shortly after she took down our order, she arrived at our table with some complementary fireball whiskey shots. Jenny said she really wanted to make the night one to remember. After stuffing our faces with everything from nachos to hamburgers, it was time to walk over to the center of the room. Like I already mentioned, this wasn't your average bar, as there was also a pole section in the middle with bikini girls dancing their hearts out courtesy of our mates hook up with Covergirl. The guys and I all gathered around to watch the girls do their thing. Naturally, we had to tip them for their hard work, throwing around all the dollars we could find in our pockets.

The next thing I knew, it was 1 in the morning. Normally, I'd be heading to bed, but that was definitely not going to be the case while out in Perth. We quickly gathered our belongings and decided to head to another hot spot to finish out the night. This time around, though, we were going to check out a local club. We stumbled upon one on the same block as the bar, with beautiful ladies lined up outside waiting to get in. It was then that we knew that was where we wanted to end our night. After a half hour of standing on that same line, we finally got into the club and danced the night away. This club was blasting all our favorite jams, while delivering us one drink after the next. By the time 4 in the morning rolled around, it was time to call it a night. We then headed back to my buddy's house to sleep it all off.

The rest of my weekend in Perth was full of fun times exploring the nightlife in this great city. However, I'll never forget that first night. Plain and simple, it was legendary.

Zurich lake boats

Zurich is held in a certain mystical light. Many people covet the city but have never visited the confines of this Swiss city. As with all of Switzerland, Zurich is nothing short of beautiful. If you are keen to see the Swiss city, you will be in for a treat. Zurich is unlike any other city in the world. While it is a bustling hub of people, you can also enjoy the rolling hills of Switzerland that surround it. Zurich is a seriously cool place. It is a must for travellers that are keen to get off the beaten tourist track. Europe is home to some seriously amazing places. Zurich is one of them. You need to see it to believe it. Flights from the UK are relatively cheap. There is no excuse for checking out this amazing city.

Let’s show you why Zurich must be on your holiday to-do list this year:

Arts and Culture

Zurich is a city on water. Although this is not the only place in Europe that boasts this, it is certainly cleaner than Venice. The Limmat River allows travellers to view the confines of the city from a boat. This is a popular way to see the arts and culture within Zurich. There are a plethora of shops, restaurants and boutiques for all to enjoy. The river cruises can be as lively or as peaceful as you like. A ninety minute boat trip can take you Lake Zurich and is a firm favourite with those that want to see more of the city. The greenery around you is stunning. It’s not like being in the city at all.

The Swiss National Museum is a must for any intrepid explorer. This is located within the mountains and is a real treat for those that want to experience the high of the city. You can see a wooden depiction of Christ on a donkey as well as taking a deeper look into the Swiss financial system. This museum is home to some of the world’s quirkiest collections. It is an authentic Swiss experience.

The Museum of Design is a must for any art fanatic. The museum boasts a tremendous collection of art and prints. It also shows architecture and visual communication within the building. It is a real must for any culture vulture.

For those who are an avid fan of gothic architecture, you must seek out the Grossmunster. It is a Romanesque church located in the heart of Zurich. The building itself is a magnificent feat of architecture.

If you would like to see Zurich, and a little part of the Alps, then a trip to Üetliberg is a must. It is Zurich’s very own mountain. It enables you to see a panoramic view of the city and the region as a whole. Aside from this, it is simply stunning. The area is lush, green and beautiful.

Accommodation in Zurich

As with any European city, you will not be short of places to stay within Zurich. You can choose from cheap and cheerful hostels. For many backpackers, this is a popular choice. You can choose from your typical chain hotels, should you want comfort on a budget. Bed and breakfast type hotels are less attractive in Zurich. The hotel appears to be king in the city. However, for those that want a little bit of luxury, you can also opt for luxury, boutique hotels within the city centre. Citybase Apartments should be your starting point for any hotel research in the city centre.

Food and Drink

Switzerland as a whole is a gastronomical delight. You can opt for your traditional American burgers and fries, but you can also sample the local wares. You can go to fast food restaurants or somewhere with a little more ambiance. Of course, your budget will play a significant factor in where you eat and drink. Do be aware that dining out in Switzerland, and Zurich is expensive. This is especially true when you compare the price of a three-course meal across the rest of the continent.

Typical Swiss fare involves pasta, potatoes and meat. Veal, beef and pork are popular Swiss dishes. Fish is usually fresh water and is supplemented with local and national vegetables. Cheese, of course, is a must try while in Switzerland. Cheese can be expensive but is certainly worth tasting. Cake and cookies are a popular desert. Typically, these are drizzled in lashings of Swiss chocolate.

It may be advisable to ditch the diet if you are travelling around Zurich!


July to September is popular with many tourists. The weather in Zurich can be cold. But, the summer months are a fantastic time to go and explore the city. The climate during the summer months can range as far and wide as 16 to 30 degrees.

Winter, however, is cold. January can reach a freezing -10 degrees. This is not a favorite time for many travellers. But, if you want to avoid the busy city in the summer, the winter months may be good for you.

During the month of March, the city starts to heat up once more. Spring is a lovely time to visit the area. This is due to the greenery that surrounds the city. It truly comes to life in March.

Money Matters

As previously mentioned, Zurich can be costly. For those on a budget, it may not be an ideal city to visit. However, if you are keen to go, you may want to save a sizable amount of cash before you leave. Zurich was deemed as the world’s second most expensive place to visit. This was according to popular tourist polls.

The currency is the Swiss Franc. This is abbreviated to CHF. This is divided into a 100 rappen.

In Summary

For any traveller, Zurich is a city of wonderment. With so much art and history, you must see it. The food is delightful, and the locals are visitor friendly. They revere the tourist and make them feel right at home. Zurich is a must for all.


Mountain Retreats In China

China a country of overwhelming contrasts with mega cities of futuristic structures and age-old temples and palaces, high tech industries and quiet farming villages, it is a place where the old and the new have found a perfect balance.

If you are seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life, the county of Yangshuo in China is the perfect getaway. It is a tranquil destination where you can breathe in lungful after lungful of fresh air, experience diverse cultures and witness breathtaking views of Li River and thousands of hills standing in different poses. These are must have experiences on holidays in China .

Escape to Yangshuo Mountain retreat where you can relax in serene surroundings and enjoy the stunning beauty of this county. The Yangshuo Mountain retreat offers simple comforts in the rooms and simple farm to table menus. It is a place to escape all the pollution of the cities and enjoy a few days of peace and tranquility.

Italian Villas

Few countries can deliver the variety and diversities that Italy proudly offers the world. It is a country of mountains, sparkling coastlines, sumptuous cuisine, lush countryside and ancient history. Whether you are strolling in the great city of Rome, admiring the rolling hills of Tuscany or Umbria or getting a tan on the gorgeous Amalfi coast, a holiday in Italy will give you a taste of seductive way of life that will live you wanting more.

Italian villas are also as charming as Italy itself, they come in all shapes and sizes, from rural retreats offering luxury fit for a Medici to converted castles, chapels and monasteries to private Trullos in the ancient UNESCO site of Alberobello.

Tuscany is the most popular region for fantastic villa experiences, with its sweeping vineyards and olive groves and picturesque villages, Tuscany villa holidays offer a relaxed rural retreat like no other place. If you are seeking for a more quirky experience, a Trullo which is mainly a conical roofed house previously designed as store houses offer a unique accommodation. Some Trullos in Puglia have been restored without destroying their authentic charm and have pools and spacious rooms for relaxed holidays.

Camping In France

France is a wonderfully diverse country that tops the list for most travelers, for ages it has been a traveler’s paradise and this is not fading away any time soon. With its different regions, you are bound to enjoy stunning views of lakes, rivers, lush valleys, beautiful coastlines, gorgeous cities and you will be sampling special delicacies from each region.

With its fantastic diversities and attractions, outdoor lovers will enjoy camping holidays in France. It is the best way to enjoy fabulous facilities in spectacular campsites littered all across France. Camping in France has come a long way; campsites offer excellent services and amenities such as pools, play clubs for kids, gyms and sporting clubs. With fabulous locations such as lakesides, beaches, countryside and parks, you will definitely find the perfect camping spot in France.

Camping in France can be a family, group or couples affair, no one can be left out. Whether you want to enjoy the beaches in Brittany, camp in the wild or in Provence, you are bound to enjoy a fantastic camping holiday in France.






Cyprus is an island of Greece that is seeping in history, mythologies, antiquities and sunshine. It is an enticing island bathed by the azure waters of the Mediterranean and boasts of an idyllic patchwork of breathtaking mountains, lush wildflower carpeted valleys and inviting secluded coves and fantastic beaches; the Cypriot delicacies await you after a long day of relaxing and sunbathing.

A luxury holiday experience in the Aphrodite Island is something out of this world, you can spend sometimes discovering its ancient ruins, taking in its exotic culture and pampering yourself to spa baths well associated with Cyprus.

Luxury accommodation in Cyprus is never short, from superstar luxury hotels to boutique BBs and beach front luxury villas. You will definitely find a cozy place away from home offering all the comforts you may ever need.  Cyprus is a holiday destination like no other and just when you think the fun ends when the sun sets, you are in for a wonderful shock; the nights are vibrant with partying and dancing till dawn.


India is a fascinating destination, it is a country that has endured several invasions and civilizations and lived to tell the tale. It is displays its history like a precious jewel with its jaw dropping landmarks consisting of majestic palaces, monuments, temples and forts. It is a country of kaleidoscopic landscapes and cultures, sandstone forts and intricately carved temples, harsh deserts and a holy river, colorful festivities and chaotic cities. It is a land of innumerable possibilities and endless vistas that never fail to impress visitors.

India offers luxury like no other, with its cosmopolitan destinations such as Mumbai and New Delhi, its forts and palaces of Rajasthan, luxury retreats and spa treatments in Kerala and the Himalayas, Goa’s Portuguese architecture and fabulous beach resorts and its important spiritual pilgrimage destinations such as the Holy River Ganges and Varanasi, the Taj Mahal in Agra and the temples of Khajuraho.

You can enjoy staying in palace hotels in India, giving you an opportunity to enjoy ancient opulent décor and still living in the present or seek to stay in spacious elegant stately homes tucked away in the serene hill stations; the options are endless in India.

Visit for more tips.

South America

South America represents an intriguing mix of cultures, civilizations and modern developments; it is a medley of ever impressive influences, from the mysteries of the Incas, Mayas and Aztecs to the vibrant mix of Asian, African and European cultures.

These vast landscapes can only be well enjoyed in luxury staying in elegant resorts, the finest Latin America hotels or taking a cultural plunge and enjoying the magnificent historic haciendas that you have probably seen while watching your favorite Latino soap operas on TV.

The list of places to visit on luxury travel to South America is endless and it is a popular place for career break travellers who have more time to spare. Watch a fiery tango dance show on VIP seats in Argentina, a private wine tasting tour in Chile, take a sunrise stroll in the fabled Machu Piccu in Peru or take a luxury cruise of the Galapagos.

Over Dover

The UK and France are two beautiful countries and popular for holidays for millions of people each year. But there’s no need to think it is a choice between one or the other, these two places can be combined for the perfect twin centre holiday or experienced as a twin centre break just in the country itself. Below are some of our favourite things to do in both places:


France is among the most travelled destinations on the planet, it is a place with everything for everyone whether travelling as a group, as a family or as a couple France is incredible for any kind of holiday. Each region of France is uniquely different; the South of France has a noteworthy cosmopolitan ambience whilst the Ardeche is more laid back with remarkable beauty and adventure opportunities.

With its variety and exclusive beauty France is still for many people a favorite camping holiday destination, there are fabulous campsites all over the country with excellent facilities and amenities. There are even luxury mobile homes for sale there if you think you will go back again and again.

You can combine your France camping holiday with a visit to the romantic capital of Paris with its world famous iconic Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Center Pompidou or the Louvre; just to mention a few of the numerous places of interest in Paris.

Beach and camping holidays can be combined in France also enjoying the rolling countryside and the cuisine that France is famous for. A camping holiday in France is full of amazing experiences that will not be easily forgotten in a long time…

The Uk

Cotswolds is a word that can be split to give meaning, ‘Wolds’ means gentle hills and ‘cots’ means sheep enclosures, with such a definition you can begin creating a picture of the Cotswolds in your mind. This pastoral region with its rolling hills and picturesque villages has been a relaxing holiday destination for ages due to the tranquil nature of the atmosphere and the homely attitude of the locals.

The Cotswolds boasts of a long interesting history and its towns, pretty villages, churches and watermills still standing tall to continue telling the story. It is an area that has bewildered many and probably for lack of better words to match its impeccable beauty, it is named as an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Staying in a log cabin in the Cotswolds gives you a unique opportunity to explore this fascinating region, from its historical towns to its charming villages and Neolithic remains. It is a place where you can combine your holidays with fun activities such as cycling, fishing, walking and learning about its rich culture and history. Log cabins in the Cotswolds are located in impressive locations such as in the woods, at a lakeside or a top a gentle hill for rewarding views and act as an excellent base for any kind of holiday. This is the perfect place for a short break in the UK or combined with a trip to France.

The West Coast of Scotland is a great venue for excellent holidays, it attracts different kinds of holiday-makers to marvel at its ever changing landscapes, beautiful coastline, amazing history, diverse wild life and discover its hidden historical treasures. It has something for everyone, the list of holiday activities here is also endless; whether you are seeking water adventures, island hopping, walking, and sightseeing or simply relaxing in some of the best holiday cottages in the area, the West Coast of Scotland will not disappoint.

The West Coast of Scotland is an ideal destination for twin center holiday, you can stay on the mainland and use it as a base to explore the Hebrides, visit distilleries, ancient smokehouses and visit the castles and stately homes found in this region.


If you are endlessly searching for a holiday and are still stuck as to where to go, then look no further, your holiday nightmares now cease to exist. Siena, in Tuscany, Italy is the epitome of sophistication, so if you want a holiday that more than lives up to lofty expectations, then this is the destination for you. Siena is famous for its glorious cuisine, ancient art, as well as beautiful vineyards and wine.

Siena’s centre has been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and once you have visited you will see why. Siena is steeped in a rich history that can be traced back centuries. The epicentre of Siena is simply stunning and alive with a vibrant culture that is completely unique to Siena alone. The medieval cityscape is truly wondrous to behold and is easy to see why people return to Siena year upon year.

For any budding theologian, Siena is a must visit destination. Teeming with churches and cathedrals of all shapes and sizes, you will be amazed at the glorious, and beautiful, architecture that surrounds you. The roman-gothic architecture is both enchanting and haunting, set on a backdrop of perfect blue, cloudless skies.

If you are more into the arts, than theology, then you must visit the vast array of art galleries that adorn Siena’s streets. What is more the art galleries are home to some beautiful, and quite unique, pieces of art dating back to the renaissance. Of course, there are an overabundance of religious paintings, due to Italy’s historic Catholic roots, but there are other sites to behold with the walls of the art galleries that will astound and amaze all.

Should your budget be somewhat limited, do not let this put you off travelling to Siena. This website is full of cost saving ideas for travelling in Italy.

Piazza del Campo is perfect for those wishing to indulge in a spot of history while travelling in Siena. The medieval town is simply stunning and its architectural integrity will only feed your fascination for all things Italian. Learn more about a completely unique society and a truly one of a kind culture while in the Piazza del Campo. The Piazza took its unique shape in the 1200s and has not changed since. It truly is like stepping back in time.

For those wanting their history more recent, then opt for Fonte Gaia, which dates back to the 1400s. The gothic style fountain is truly enchanting and really is a sight to behold. Those who have travelled to Siena have stated that for them, it is a true taste of Italian life. Many revere its quaint, medieval charm and herald it as being perfect.

Siena is stunning and affordable, and with the glorious Italian sunshine beating down on you, what more could you want from a holiday? Should the sites of Siena become too much, then Florence can be reached easily, and cheaply, in a short space of time.

Visit Siena this summer and make memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Addo Elephant Park, South Africa

Is it time to book your annual holiday yet? For many people, the time has arrived where they need to come to a decision as to how they will spend their vacation this year. You have worked hard for the last twelve months or so to save for this time away that is so badly needed to help recharge your batteries and give you the will to carry on for another year. The decision is vital because time off work is in short supply and it cannot be wasted or it will feel as if you have worked and saved for nothing.

Would you be interested in a holiday with a difference this year? Travelling to a Spanish island for sun and sand is all well and good but it hardly tickles the adventurers taste buds. A holiday that makes you think more may be in order, especially if you are aged from mid thirties upwards. Here are a few suggestions for holidays with a difference this year.

Train To Be A Warrior Like Genghis Khan

Many people are unsure where Mongolia is on the world map. Look it up and you will be surprised how large the country is. Start the holiday at the capital, Ulaanbaatar where two museums will give you an idea of how it was to be a soldier under the great Genghis Khan in the 13th century. Sample the food and culture of Mongolia and learn how to make arrows the ancient way. Then it is time to head off to try training camp where you will learn many aspects of a Mongolian Warriors life. Try using a traditional bow and arrow and riding a horse during guard duty where you are on the lookout for wolves and bad guys. This holiday is certainly different from the standard Spanish resorts and will stir your passion for adventure.


If you are a lover of wildlife and grand scenery, a safari may be right up your street. African tours and safaris with Adventure World will open your eyes to the world you have seen on television. Mother nature takes survival of the fittest to its ultimate level in the Serengeti, where predator and prey come together in a battle for survival. Safari holidays are about much more than trips to see the animals. There are incredible landscapes and geological features to visit in Tanzania.

Live In An African Village

Travel to Gambia where an African village has been built so that guests may experience the authentic lifestyle of a native African. Life is harder and relies more on basic survival during this holiday, though there is a bar and restaurant available for those who need a little respite from village hardship. You are on holiday after all.

Well, I hope some of the above ideas have sparked your interest to alternative possibilities that are available to everyone. The internet is a wonderful thing and it has provided possibilities for research that were not available to the masses before it entered their homes.Though the world appears to be shrinking thanks to instant communication and high speed travel, it is still a big and wonderful planet, just waiting to be explored.

wine on the hoof

Wine aficionados are plentiful; everyone seems to be an expert in wine these days, but so many people have rarely travelled to the countries where the wine has been produced. Anyone can read the label from a bottle of wine, and repeat the rhetoric that is given on the bottle. For expert advice on wines of the world, then look no further. This guide will either inspire you to drink more wine, or to travel more widely, and neither of those things is a negative in my opinion.

Getting started in the wonderful world of wine can be a little daunting. With so many experts on good wines, it is always best to seek the advice of those in the know. That said, there is nothing more wonderful than starting your own novice wine club and having your own take on the world’s wines.

The world’s top wine regions can be split as detailed below, starting from the best wine region, to the not-so-great:




United States



South Africa



Of course, the better the wine region, the more you will pay in terms of price. So if you are looking for a mid-range wine, with a mid-range price tag then opt for an Australian wine. You will not compromise on taste or price. Furthermore you can buy wine online in Australia with Jim's Cellars for good, quality Australian wine.

When I was travelling in Europe, the wines I sampled were second to none. Of course, being a domestic product, the price was a lot lower than having to import wine. The wine in France is exemplary and is unrivalled by its counterparts. The French region of Bordeaux offers the perfect solution to life’s big wine questions and cannot be beaten world over. However, wine in Tuscany is not to be sniffed at; the local Tuscan wine is simply divine and is perfect for those wishing to relax after a long day of exploring the Italian hillsides.  If you want to take the world over, one winery at a time, then Europe should be your starting point. Aside from the fantastic wine regions, there is so much to see and do in diverse Europe that you may never want to come home. Accompany your wine with exquisite local cuisine, coupled with visiting attractions of historical and cultural interest for a holiday that you are sure to never forget.

Of course, there is much debate over what is the ‘world’s best wine’ and I am not here to tell you what you should or should not like. My favourite wine is a good Rioja. While a quality Rioja comes with a hefty price tag, once you have sampled the delights of a quality Spanish red, you will never look back. Prices of Rioja range from £30 to £150, so it is certainly not your bog-standard under a tenner wine. It really is something to be enjoyed.

If you are still mystified by wine, then sample your own wines and let everyone know what you think of them.


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There are so many destinations available to us these days that selecting the right one can give us a real headache. If we get it wrong, it could mean that a whole year of saving and enduring a mindless occupation could have been for nothing. That is a disaster for anyone.

If you are reading this, there is a good chance you are looking for inspiration. I have travelled and reviewed many countries and am happy to share my thoughts on these destinations with you.  Some may be expensive trips while others are right on your doorstep.


Do you yearn to visit the city of romance? There are great things to see in Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower and the works of great artists in The Louvre. The imposing cathedral of Notre dam was the setting for the great movie and the Arc De Triomph stands at the junction of twelve avenues including the infamous Champs Elysees.


Ancient history awaits you in Egypt. The great Sphinx stand guard over the Geyser Plateau and the great Pyramids. Only when one stands at the foot of these incredible structures can the fully appreciate the monumental feat of construction they really are. The great Cairo museum also awaits to present you with unbelievable treasures that were discovered by archeologists.


The beautiful city of Marrakech is set in Morocco, the country will Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines. There are many small luxury hotels Marrakech and many interesting places to see, such as the Badi Palace.


For the lovers of theme parks there is no better place to visit than Orlando, Florida. Visit places such as Legoland and the incredible Seaworld which is the best on the planet. Good weather is virtually guaranteed in the summer, and it is a place children love. For the adventure holiday of a lifetime for the whole family, Orlando is the place to go.


A short flight that can be booked extremely cheaply could land you in Amsterdam within an hour. Here you will experience beautiful bars and cafes and the incredible Van Gogh museum where a feast awaits your eyes. People use bikes to get around the city and, if you are fit enough to use one, they are available for daily hire. Amsterdam boasts a relaxed lifestyle where, it seems, anything goes.


Italy is a favourite return destinations for travellers. There is so much to see in Rome that it is hard to fit it into one holiday. Visit Vatican city where the works of Michelangelo still adorn the roof of the Sistine Chapel. The ruins of the imposing Coliseum, where many people ended their lives, stand as a testament to ancient Roman ingenuity and power.


The birthplace of modern civilisation has many ancient ruins to explore. Though the country's economy is suffering presently, there is still great tourism to be had. Don’t mention the Elgin Marbles though; I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it.

And those are my top seven world destinations worth a visit. I hope you find them as enthralling as I did during my time there. Happy trails!