Office and residential buildings stand in the financial district of Manhattan in this aerial photograph taken over New York, U.S., on Wednesday, July 7, 2010. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

There are certain iconic cities that everyone should visit at least once. And New York has to be main attraction, as this vibrant metropolis offers a captivating blend of towering skyscrapers, captivating streetlife, and some startling entertainment opportunities that range from scratch cards to rollercoasters.

Must-see sights

The most striking thing about visiting New York is the incredible spectacle of the skyscrapers that fill up the skyline of Manhattan. If you’re looking for a good overview of the city, then a quick trip up the Empire State Building can provide a jaw-dropping panorama of the whole New York area.

A further iconic place to head to has to be Central Park that offers the slightly surreal, but ultimately tranquil excuse to have a picnic right in the heart of the metropolis that truly never sleeps.

Other essential things to do in NYC include taking a trip in a yellow taxi, admiring the chaos of Times Square, and of course grabbing a piece of that famous New York pizza pie!

Busy street and billboard of Times Square in New York City, New York, USA

What to do

New York is truly a shoppers paradise with the uptown Manhattan area being packed full of world-famous department stores such as Bergdorf Goodman that can provide luxury brands at eye-watering prices.

But for something a little more low-key, then wandering the streets of Greenwich Village and Chelsea can uncover many chic boutique shops that can help you find something truly unique to take back home.

If shopping isn’t your thing, then there’s plenty of gambling fun to be had at the Resorts World Casino that’s located on the outskirts near JFK airport. But if you’d prefer to stay downtown to gamble, then there’s always online gaming sites such as Coral that feature easy-to-use scratchcard games, so that you can scratch them off whilst you watch the world go by over another infamously strong cup of coffee!

Alternative sights

Of course, New York is such a big city that there’s truly something for everyone. So whether you fancy visiting the old-fashioned theme park at Coney Island that features some terrifying wooden rollercoasters, or want to pay your respects to New York’s punk heritage by exploring the gentrified Lower East Side, then you can be sure to find something interesting on pretty much any street corner.

So whether you’re looking to sail around the Statue of Liberty, or just want to play scratchcards in Central Park, New York certainly is the place to be in 2016!

travel apps

Since making the decision to quit my boring office job, and to instead pursue my passion of travelling the world, I have been fortunate enough to not only visit some of the most magical places in the entire world, but to also turn my passion into a career and do something that I absolutely love, whilst getting paid for it in the process. How many other jobs can you think of, where you get to travel to stunning and romantic cities like Paris, and actually get paid for doing so, whilst helping to broaden other people’s mind and horizons. Becoming a full-time travel blogger was one of the best decisions I ever made, yet it was not without its challenges. People seem to think my job is just about hopping on a plane to a famous tourist destination, spending the day sightseeing and taking a few photos, and then writing a quick blog entry about what I did on that particular day. In reality however, I’ve stayed in some pretty awful conditions, I’ve seen some truly eye-opening scenes, and, in the event of a loss of power or a lack of WIFI, I’ve found myself bordering on the verge of hysteria through sheer frustration. Thankfully, thanks to my smart phone and tablet, I have been able to download and install several apps that have not only made my job easier, but have also made life on the road easier, as well. Here’s a look at three apps I can’t live without.


Kayak is an app which allows users to begin planning ahead before you even leave your hotel room, or tent, or wherever else you may find yourself staying. If you’re planning on leaving one location for the next, Kayak is absolutely ideal as the app allows you to compare hotel rooms, prices, and availability, you can book and coordinate flights, you can arrange car rentals, you can look for places to eat and drink, and much more besides. The app itself links you to reviews left by real people, so you can read up on potential places to stay and avoid before you head off to your next destination. Kayak has saved me a great deal of time, effort, money, and hassle, and I very strongly recommend you download it.

House of bingo app

Yes, as hard as you may find it to believe female travel bloggers also enjoy playing mobile games in their downtime, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I am partial to game of bingo or two, especially when I have the prospect of winning a selection of cash prizes in the process.  As you probably may have guessed, my job requires a lot of travelling on buses, planes, boats, etc, so playing bingo is a great way of passing the time and having fun in the process. If you’re looking for ways to check for mobile bingo games, the house of bingo app is certainly one of my favourites.

Trip It

Finally, before I wrap things up, Trip It is another app that I strongly urge you to download and install onto your smart devices. Trip It is another trip planner that shows you all of your vital trip details at a single glance. For example, you can check flights, hotels, bookings, reservations, maps, directions, and much more besides. From here, these details can be synced with your calendar or your phone in general.

So there you have it, just three of the many, many apps that have made my life, and my job, so much easier and enjoyable than I could have ever thought possible. Whether you fancy trying your hand at travel blogging, or simply wish to take in some of the sights of the world, hopefully the apps I’ve mentioned above, can help you just like they’ve helped me.

travel partner

There are numerous reasons why travelling is one of the best things to do. It awakens the mind, the soul and enlightens you. Travel breaks the monotony of the routine and tedious life. People travel to add vigour and clarity in their lives.

The kind of experience you have while travelling varies because of a lot many factors such as money, location, weather, food, people, language, transportation etc. It is a well accepted fact that travelling can be very rewarding and can have everlasting memories if shared with the right companion. Sharing an experience can magnify the overall effect whether you stay in a hotel or any serviced apartments in London.

When you are making a travel plan, choose a travel partner who adds value to your trip and make the experience enriching. Here are some of the qualities that we feel you can look in for a travel partner:

  • Good listener: Someone who listens to what you say and cares about your opinions makes for a good travel companion.
  • Has some knowledge of the destination: Who minds a travel guide in the travel buddy, after all?
  • Open Minded: To be with someone who is open to try out new things is quite a lot of fun. Decision making becomes so much simpler when that happens and there are fewer limitations.
  • Adventurous: Choose someone who doesn’t mind being adventurous and fun.
  • A good sense of humour always helps. You will love your travel partner for making you laugh. Makes you holiday all the more fun.
  • Smart – Isn’t it awesome to be able to talk on a number of issues? A travel partner who gives you feedback and gives perspectives, the travel experience becomes enlightening. It is a good idea to know the person you plan to travel with a little beforehand and see if there is good compatibility.
  • Independent – It always helps when the people you are travelling with are independent and can pretty well take care of them. As all the necessities will be available in your stay at any serviced apartments. Too much dependency makes things a little less exciting sometimes.
  • Sharing and caring – It is good to be with someone who is giving and generous. A healthy bond between you and your travel partner will help in making the entire experience enlightening.

There are so many adventures out there. Choose a person you get along with well and enjoy the experience of travelling.

reading book

Travelling can be one of the most wonderful adventure of anyone’s life. However, long distance travelling can sometimes become too much to handle. There is a limit to the time you can spend looking at other travelers or just listening to songs on your iPod, over and over again. But these are not the only ways you can fill up your time while travelling. Downloading games online that you enjoy playing, from playstore for android etc. is one way to fill the long gaps of travelling with fun. Here are some tried and some new suggestions to help you make the most out of your next trip.

1.    Book reading

Book reading can help you go through all sorts of hard and boring times, even if it’s a long travel. You may download e-books from different sources, like the most popular Amazon books. This is the place where you get to read books of all different genres such as arts and history. It helps you to relax and unplug from technology and gives you time to unwind.

2.    Watching informative videos online

ipad train

Whilst travelling you can use this time to learn new things without getting distracted. YouTube and Dailymotion etc. are great sources for videos that will teach tons of things such as how to cook different types of food to how to become a better painter. In our routine lives, sometimes we don’t get enough time to gain new information. However, while travelling you may utilize your time getting to know things that you don’t usually have the time to do.

3.    Virtual games

Without a doubt, gaming is the best option for anyone to spend the dull parts of travelling looking for a bit of fun. For downloading games, choose bingo sites like landmark bingo and spend your time with other people playing and guessing numbers. Other than bingo there are many other virtual games that you may want to such as puzzles or even shoot-em up styles games.

The options above are sure to make your travel journeys a lot less boring. Your travel to long distances can get tedious at times, especially if you are alone. If you find out ways to keep yourself engaged in an activity you won’t know where time goes when you travel. The ways mentioned above are the tried and tested ways of keeping yourself from getting bored while travelling. So on your next travels, remember to have a quick read of this article again so you are prepared.