The Chinese people love gambling and Macau is their Las Vegas. Macau attracts more than 30 million visitors every year. From mainland day-trippers to the vacationer, Macau attracts visitors from near and far. Like Vegas, most are here for the same reason, gambling and entertainment. It is a destination where families on a vacation, 2000 delegates at a corporate event, high rollers looking for a million dollar hand and the person playing dollar slots, all peacefully co-exist. It's that kind of a place. What's more there's something of interest for everyone.

Macau is a Chinese city, but it has a distinctive European flavor. Macau was a Portuguese territory till 1999, when it was handed over to the Chinese. Today it exists as a special region under Chinese governance. Its European heritage is evident in roads, buildings and the homes in the city center. The historic city center is a UNESCO protected heritage site. Some of the best views of the city are seen from the Macau Tower. The Senado Square with its festival of lanterns is a unique sight. Macau also has two 18-hole golf courses that often host Asian PGA tournaments. The courses are open to the public on non-match days. April to September is the best time to visit Macau.

Of course, Macau is also famous for its Monte Carlo and Vegas style resort properties that offer both entertainment and gaming. The Wynn Macau, Grand Lisboa and the Venetian Macau are three of the most visited resorts. Stephen A Wynn is the man credited with sanitizing Las Vegas and making it a family destination, as much as one for gaming and entertainment. Wynn has been the inspiration behind properties such as Mirage, Venetian and Bellagio. He sold Mirage Resorts for $6.6 billion and the Wynn Las Vegas was his comeback vehicle. His focus on philanthropy and charity is an understated part of his personality. Wynn and his wife are rightly considered the uncrowned King and Queen of Las Vegas.

Most tourists to Macau are either from mainland China or nearby Hong Kong. But a significant number also come from places like Japan and India. Macau is a melting pot of European, Chinese and Asian cultures and sensibilities. Like Las Vegas it offers its visitors a wide range of activities and entertainment avenues. A trip to Macau is a treat to all five senses. It is after all, rightly called the Oriental Las Vegas.


Here in the UK, we’re famous for having some of the most stunning locations on the face of the earth, especially our national parks and stunning coastal areas. Because more and more people are discovering the natural beauty that the UK has to offer, many people are choosing to visit some of the more magnificent coastal towns and cities of our great nation for their holidays, rather than braving the crowded beaches and rowdy tourist hotspots of countries in Europe such as Spain or Greece. One of the main reasons why people did tend to favour warmer European countries such as Greece, Spain, Italy etc, is the fact that the weather is that much sunnier and warmer. Ok, here in the UK our summers have been known to be generally pleasant, but unfortunately if it’s one thing we’re known for, it’s our grey skies and wet weather. The county of Cornwall is, without question, one of the most visually stunning locations in the country and is certainly one of the most popular holiday destinations, not only for us Brits, but for tourists from across the globe. If you find yourself in Cornwall and the weather is, shall we say, far from ideal, here are 3 things to do on a rainy day in Cornwall.

Visit the Blue Reef Aquarium

I’m a big fan of aquariums and I’m fortunate enough to have visited this aquarium on numerous occasions in the past. To be honest, even if the weather was perfectly fine it would still be recommended that you visit this aquarium, but if the weather is wet and miserable, it’s really a no-brainer. You can see unique species such as spider crabs, sea cucumbers, baby turtles, a giant octopus, exotic fish, stingrays, and much more in this great aquarium, with the added bonus of being warm and dry as you make your way around the facility. There’s even a fantastic underwater tunnel where you’re literally face to face with some of the most stunning marine life on the planet.


Providing you gamble safely and know when to draw the line, gambling on holiday is one of the most pleasurable pastimes. Just think about your fondest memories of being at the seaside and spending time in the amusement arcades, feeding 1ps, 2ps, and various other pieces of small change into various fruit machines, claw machines etc in the hope of winning big. Needless to say, whilst fun, the odds of winning on these machines are slim, so why not use your smart phone, tablet, or computer from the comfort of your own accommodation instead? Here you can gamble at the UK's leading online casino on a variety of different games, and can potentially make some great holiday spending money in the process.

Visit the Eden Project

If the weather is indeed pretty miserable, and is far too cold to go paddling in the sea, the Eden Project is absolutely ideal. If you’ve an avid interest in flowers, wildlife, and nature in general, the Eden Project really is for you, and with the added bonus of a lovely warm dome to help keep you warm and dry.


As a budding photographer/online blogger you want to capture the kind of images that will draw people in. Visiting particular destinations or traveling particular trip routes gives you the opportunity to take some amazing photographs.

To decide where you want to go to great photographs, ask yourself what you would like your subject to be.  If your subject is specific – polar bears, for example – that obviously limits where you can go.  However, if you have an interest in taking nature shots in general, start by visiting a destination like a national park.  Yellowstone National Park, for instance, offer an interesting mix of wildlife and natural sights, such as hot springs and waterfalls.  If you want to shoot a particular outdoor landscape think about the best time of year to visit certain regions – New England in the fall for instance.

If you want more tips on how to monetize your photography hobby and also see examples of great travel photography, look online for stock footage – the footage and video section of the Dreamstime website.

To get great photographs you have to have the right equipment.

The camera

An obvious starting point is your camera.  Starting out, you do not have to have the most expensive camera, by any means, and the level of technology that goes into a basic camera means that to begin with you can take some nice photos with a relatively basic model.  In any case, as you get more into your hobby and the possibility of making money from, it arises you will get a better idea of the type of camera you will need.  Starting out, use a camera with a full manual override over the automatic option.  A photographer should ideally known how to use manual focus.  Cameras with an option for previewing the depth of field and one with a good viewfinder display are other functions worth considering.  Other features worth investing in include a high continuous shooting rate, for action shots.

The tripod

Another piece of equipment to consider having from the start is a tripod, even an inexpensive one.  The chances are that your satisfaction with the photographs you are taking will increase once you begin using a tripod, especially if you have less-than-steady hands.  Additional stability for images can be gotten by using the timer function on your camera, along with the tripod.


If you have a DSLR camera, it will have an option for allowing different lenses to be used on it.  Starting off, you ideally should invest in two lenses: a telephoto zoom lens and a wide-angle one.

To ensure that your photographs look as professional as possible from the perspective of customers, use the following tips:

  • Use editing software to touch up your photos but do not overdo it
  • Offer some images for free download to attract purchasers to view your portfolio
  • Join the forums on stock photography websites and add useful contributions of your own
  • Using your earnings, buy better equipment, including a better camera, and boost your chances of having more photos accepted to stock photography websites and selling more images

Day 2 of Sunfest 2012 featuring Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dog and Herbie Hancock.

With the weather constantly improving - even though in some places it's far from being as warm as it should be - the time comes to plan our going-outs. May is a great time to travel - in some places it's still "off-season" with friendly rates and no crowd. But the destinations I will list below are better be crowded - they are festivals that are worthy of our attention in May (some of them start in late April, though). So, without further ado, here is the list.

1. AfrikaBurn - Tankwa Karoo National Park, South Africa, April 27 - May 3 2015

AfrikaBurn is said to be what Burning Man used to be a decade and a half ago, with much more art and spirituality, and much fewer burned out festival junkies. Taking place far away from civilization - about 250 miles away from Cape Town to the North - the AfrikaBurn is filled with idealism and ephemeral art against the backdrop of its breathtaking surroundings, and offers a much more active party environment due to the much lower median age of its participants. Expect less dubstep and electro house, and more psytrance and house compared to the Burning Man. One thing you won't likely see is people playing at the royal vegas online casino.

2. SunFest - West Palm Beach, Florida, US, April 29 - May 3 2015

SunFest is marketed as "Florida's largest waterfront music and art festival," but it's more than that - it's a mixture of rock, pop, country, jazz and soul music, people in blue jeans or bikinis, sipping their drinks from plastic cups, big names and local bands - and all this at an affordable price.

3. New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, New Orleans, Lousiana, US, April 24 - May 3 2015

The grandfather of all jazz festivals, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival grew out of its humble origins over four decades ago into a major event that attracts over 150,000 visitors. During the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May the Big Easy opens its tap filled with African beats and American music, filling its dozen stages with everything from blues to jazz. The festival is a much better way to get to know the New Orleans culture than the madness of Mardi Gras!

4. Cinco de Mayo in Puebla, Mexico - May 5th 2015

Mexico celebrates 153 years since it has defeated France in the Battle of Puebla. Don't settle for a diluted version of the fiesta, go right to the source - visit Puebla, the culinary capital of Mexico, witness the huge military parade across the city and experience the incredible variety of traditional dishes at the thousands of food stands on the streets. There are restaurants to try out, of course, but there is also the Puebla State Fair, taking place around the same time in the year, and countless other sights to see while you are there. Best Festivals to Visit in May

With the weather constantly improving - even though in some places it's far from being as warm as it should be - the time comes to plan our going-outs. May is a great time to travel - in some places it's still "off-season" with friendly rates and no crowd. But the destinations I will list below are better be crowded - they are festivals that are worthy of our attention in May (some of them start in late April, though). So, without further ado, here is the list.


As an avid traveler, you’ll probably agree that in order to see the most spectacular sights in the world, you have to work a little harder for your postcard moment. The mind-blowing views from the Blyde River Canyon don’t come handed to you on a plate and breathing in the mountain air of Hua Shan in China doesn’t happen without a grueling trek. That’s why people hike. That’s why people explore. And here, we look at 4 of the most challenging, demanding and dangerous hiking trails in the world; but the rewards will make every moment worth it.

Before you get going, always make sure that you have the necessary outdoor clothing and safety equipment – more info here.

1. Cliffside Plank Path, Mount Hua Shan, China


This is not for the faint-hearted. Mount Hua, located near the city of Huayin in the Shaanxi province, is known for its long history, cultural and religious significance, and its stunning mountain top temples. But what some trekkers find themselves drawn to is the cliffside plank which resembles something of a death drop. As chilling as it looks, the plank is safe as long as you follow all the safety precautions. It’s the closest to the edge you will ever get on a steep mountain and the panorama will be totally worth it.

2. Vilcabamba Traverse Inca Trail


The Vilcabamba Traverse is an alternative route for the famous Inca Trail. Designed for those with a serious thirst for off-the-beaten-path exploration, it will lead to some spectacular mountain top views and photo opps – and is much more of a challenge than the well-known Inca Trail. The hike can be anywhere between 5 to 13 days so be prepared with all the right equipment and clothing.

3. El Caminito del Rey, El Chorro, Spain


This is said to be one of Spain’s most dangerous hikes and with some of the most narrow mountain pathways in the world, it’s no wonder. Broken bits of rock, thin metal beams and frightening vertical drops form this adrenaline junkie attracting mountain way. But if you want a view of a lifetime in a remote land, it could be worth the risks. Want to know how it’s done? Visit Expert Vagabond for the lowdown on traversing this treacherous territory.

4. The Maze, Utah


Walking on your perfectly good two feet is simply not enough for The Maze in Utah; here you have to get down on your hands and knees, scramble around with all limbs in kinesis, squeeze through tight holes and wade through muddy waters. With only 2,000 visitors a year, The Maze is reserved for those with guts and gumption. The red rock labyrinth can be a dangerous place with falling rocks and unmarked paths. To find out more about this incredible destination, visit the website.


A unique and inspiring opportunity awaits you in South Africa that will change your life and the lives of others forever. It’s an experience that will have you coming back year after year, spoiling other trips abroad for you until you only want to travel to South Africa. Other holidays will seem vapid and unnecessary in comparison to your first volunteer vacation. By making a difference to the people and wildlife of South Africa, you’ll never want to travel selfishly again.

Due to the serious epidemic of AIDS and other diseases in the area, South Africa is home to nearly four million orphans. This staggering statistic is heartbreaking, knowing that these children are left alone without the love of their family—many of whom are left to care for their other siblings. As a volunteer, you can be sent to live in a community with these orphans, offering much needed love and attention. With the help of other community members and your volunteer colleagues, you’ll create loving relationships with these wonderful children, making a lasting difference in their lives.

There are other packages available that aim to help the wildlife that call South Africa its home. In 2013, some 20 000 elephants were killed by poachers for their ivory.  Animal welfare programs allow you to live on reserves with animals like elephants, supporting the daily operation of the sanctuary. Your work will go towards rehabilitating their rapidly dwindling numbers, offering protection from cruel hunters.

Whether you choose to work with children or with animals, a professional volunteer tourism company will arrange for you all the necessities. You’ll have a safe place to stay, delicious meals, transportation to and from the airport, and the opportunity to participate in day excursions, so you’ll have a secure and wonderful time while you make a difference. Through their services, you will be given extensive training and orientations that ensure you’ll perform your duties safely and enthusiastically.

Some of you may have already started researching how you can volunteer in South Africa, but perhaps some of you fear for your safety. Make sure to check out to see how a reliable tourism company will ensure your safety during your entire time in the country. Their expert guides are experienced and well-prepared to deal with anything that comes their way. With a proper company facilitating your trip, everything is considered. All you have to do is give your time generously to the cause, helping the children and wildlife of South Africa where they need it most.


France is divided into 27 administrative regions, each offering something unique for the seasoned traveler. Depending on your preferred climate and interests, take a look at the following three charming regions in France, just waiting to be explored.


Brittany, in the north-west of France, boasts 2,860 kilometers of coastline and is therefore an ideal destination for those who enjoy exploring the coast but don’t necessarily want too much heat and sun; it is an excellent place to pursue a love of sailing and fishing.

You can visit the art museums, or follow one of the tourist art trails across the countryside or along the coast; find out about the customs, myths, legends and stories of the region, explore the castles and forts, and visit a traditional festival.

Brittany is famous for crepes, which are served with cider, and galettes (round, buttery biscuits). However, the best thing about Brittany is their wonderful seafood, including oysters from Cancale and Riec-sur-Belon, and mussels from the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, served in restaurants with sea views. La Paix Hôtel Contemporain is a four-stars hotel in the town center of Brest, ideally located for shopping and the Château de Brest, which dates back as far as the 3rd century.


Aquitaine is in the south-west of France on the border with Spain. On the west side is the Atlantic Ocean, so the region benefits from the influence of the Gulf Stream and has a mild climate. Along with the amount of sunshine hours, a holiday here can feel like a stay in the Mediterranean, and it makes a perfect destination for those who enjoy the outdoors. There are 250 kilometers of coastline, and huge sand dunes, including the 104 meters high Dune du Pilat at the Bay of Arcachon.

Perhaps you would prefer to walk in the mountains or the wooded valleys, or the Pyrenees. Visit one of the many nature reserves, or get active and go surfing, sailing or canoeing. Cycle along the network of cycling tracks or go horse riding. Bordeaux is perfect for history and wine lovers – visit the gothic cathedrals and 17th century mansions, as well as a vineyard where you can learn about the famous Bordeaux wines.

Pays de la Loire

Pays de la Loire is famous for its spectacular castles, or “châteaux” – there are over 100 in the region. The châteaux of the Loire Valley are located along the Loire River from Nantes, Angers, Tours, Blois, and Orléans to Gien in north-central France. The beautiful historical castles were where the French royalty liked to spend most of their time in the 16th century. Visit the fairy tale Château du Rivau, which was visited by Joan of Arc in 1429. Château du Rivau is a genuine medieval castle and has beautiful gardens, art, sculpture, and Renaissance stables.

The medieval fortress of Amboise overlooks the Loire River, and was originally built by Charles VIII in the 15th century. Visit churches, abbeys and cathedrals, or take a hot air balloon flight over the Loire Valley. You could even sleep in a real French château; conveniently located near Blois, the three-stars hotel Château De La Rozelle is a restored 17th century château for visitors who want an authentic, historical experience.

Traveling in Maldives

Whether you or your spouse lost hours at work, or money just got tight, you can still afford to take a trip together or head off on a family vacation with the kids. The cost of your trip varies based on where you stay and when you depart, but you might find that a trip to a popular amusement park can set you back a few thousand dollars. There are a few ways that you can save and end your trip with more money leftover.

Timeshare Stays

Timeshares sometimes get a bad reputation but timeshares do have some great benefits. When you invest in a timeshare, you pay a set fee. The company then lets you spend two or more days and nights at one of its timeshares. You can stay right in the heart or Orlando, in a villa that overlooks the ocean or in almost any major city or country. Some timeshares let you purchase additional points that you can use when staying in a timeshare other than the one you bought. You can save even more money when you cook some of your meals in your timeshare instead of eating out.

Package Trips

Package trips, also known as bundle trips and bundle vacations, let you pay one low fee for almost everything you need. Instead of booking a flight, paying for a hotel room and then purchasing tickets for amusement parks and other attractions, you bundle everything together for a lower fee than you would otherwise pay. Some companies will even let you put your travel arrangements on layaway. You put down a percentage of the total amount due when you buy the package, and you make smaller payments throughout the year to pay off the balance due.

Travel Clubs

Travel clubs are similar to timeshare organizations. The main difference is that instead of buying a stay in a specific timeshare, you buy points that you can use at any resort that belongs to that club. Your points reset at the beginning of each new year. Staying in each resort costs a different number of points, and you can add more points to your account when needed. Visit sites like the Bluegreen Resorts wiki to learn more about travel clubs and whether joining a club is the right fit for you and your family.

State Parks

If you truly want to save on a family vacation, consider booking a few days or a week in a state park. A state park offers plenty of activities for the whole family. You can swim, fish and boat in the lake or river, hike through the mountains and look for birds and other wild animals. Some state parks offer additional activities, including horseback riding, nature trails and museums. Even if you don't have a camper or a tent and camping equipment, you can still enjoy a vacation at a state park. Most parks have cabin rentals available that come with air conditioning, indoor bathrooms, kitchens and one or more bedrooms.

Family vacations shouldn't cost thousands of dollars, but you might find yourself spending that much or more on a summer vacation. With travel clubs, timeshares, package trips and vacations to state parks, you can find more affordable options for you and your loved ones.


Dubai is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Every year, thousands of travellers flock into the city to have a taste of what the city has to offer. The city is blessed with some top attractions together with plenty of things to see and do. No one would have ever imagined that what was once a desert would be transformed to one of the hippest places in the world.

There are all sorts of hotels available in the city offering exquisite services to the travellers. Most of the hotels offer world class services to match the international standards of the visitors. This article will attempt to look at some of the cheap hotels Dubai and try to look at what they offer.

Marmara Deluxe Hotel Apartments

The importance of locations can never be overemphasised in as far as accommodation goes. The Marmara Deluxe Hotel Apartments are strategically located for their own good. Situated just a few minutes from Sheikh Zayed Road, you can easily access the hotel. The hotel has over 102 spacious one, two and three bedroom suites all of which brag of being extremely comfortable. A stay in the Marmara Deluxe Hotel Apartments will most definitely trigger that ''home away from home'' feeling that we always yearn for whenever we go out.

Arabian Dreams Deluxe Hotel Apartments

The hotel is centrally located at the center of Dubai just 8 km away from Dubai International Airport. The three star hotel boasts of having a rooftop pool which guarantees you an awesome view of the city. The Arabian Dreams Deluxe Hotel Apartments are known for offering self-catering accommodations. There is a studio dubbed as the Arabian Dream studio and some beautiful apartments which feature marble floors and balconies to guarantee you an exquisite panoramic view. Other amenities you are likely to enjoy while in the hotel include: satellite TV, fully equipped kitchen, on-site coffee shop, out-door pool and gym facilities.

Ambassador Hotel Dubai

One of the hotel's strong attractions is its prime location. The hotel is located at the Ambassador Hotel Dubai in Bur Dubai. The hotel is rated as a three star hotel equipped with about 81 guestrooms. There is a swimming pool and a fitness center which provide visitors with a way to relax and stay healthy. Other amazing facilities offered at the Ambassador Hotel Dubai include, internet access, round the clock room service, and cable/satellite TV among others.

La Villa Najd Hotel Apartments

The hotel is located behind the mall of Emirates just a few minutes away from the Sheikh Zayed Road and Burj Al Arab. The hotel is popularly known for having plenty of leisure, sports and business facilities. The modern art work that is featured in the hotel together with the spacious rooms make La Villa Najd Hotel Apartments one of the best affordable hotels in Dubai. Amenities that can be enjoyed while at the hotel include: an interactive TV systems with movies and music that is played on demand.


Luxury hotels have always provided people with a unique and cool ambience that enables travellers to make the most out of their trips. These trips are all about living large and are gaged by how one lavishly spent their finances. You cannot be thinking about your budget and planning for a luxury trip.

Paddington district is within the city of Westminster that hosts a number of luxury hotels. The area is very popular for a number of top attractions in London including the Paddington station and the Kensington Gardens. The hotels open you up to what the district and the city as a whole has to offer the visitors. This piece highlights some of the best luxury hotels that are found around Paddington:

Park Grand London Paddington

The contemporary property is superbly located in close proximity to both the Paddington and the Lancaster Gate stations. This makes accessibility to the hotel and other attractions within the district excellent. Besides being ideal for luxury travellers, Park Grand London Paddington also plays host to business travellers who visit. Just like their living rooms, all the other rooms are uniquely designed with a much emphasis placed on comfort and style. Facilities that one can enjoy here include: LCD TV with satellite channels, complementary broadband, Wi-Fi, coffee making facilities, club rooms and in-room safe.

The Caesar Hotel

Rated as a 4 star hotel, The Caesar Hotel is situated in a leafy though visible residential area that overlooks the Hyde Park. It is easy to access the hotel due to the hotel's proximity to the Paddington Station. Labeled as a boutique hotel, The Caesar Hotel has been known to be frequented by both leisure and business travellers. For business purposes, the hotel has a conference space that is well furnished with some of the very latest technology to make it easier for business to be carried out.

The guestrooms are fitted with sleek and natural materials, plush fabrics and warm color schemes. Facilities that can be enjoyed here include: high speed Wi-Fi, stylish bathrooms, and LCD TV among others.

La Suite West Hotel

The four star hotel is located just a few steps from Hyde Park and within walking distance to Notting Hill Gate, Marble Arch and Oxford Street. These are some of the things that attract people to the La Suite West Hotel.

The hotel has an exquisite design with grand Victorian exterior and minimal and modern interiors. Get treated to marble bathrooms, flat screen TVs and complementary Wi-Fi.

Hilton London Paddington

The lavish four star hotel is located 15 minutes from Heathrow Airport which means that international travellers can access the hotel conveniently. Hilton London Paddington is also connected by a footbridge to the Paddington Station guaranteeing convenience to and from the hotel.

The hotels location is one of its major strengths. If you book accommodation with the hotel, besides the exquisite services you are likely to receive, you also get to see some of the best London's premier attractions such as the unique shopping experience provided in the Oxford Street.