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Nightlife in Malta is inextricably linked to the countless bars, clubs and liquor shops that line the streets of Paceville, St Julian’s party district. Frequented by young tourists and locals alike, this is undoubtedly the place to go for a night of dancing, chart music, cocktails and shots. The buzzing place has been likened to Ibiza, which should give some indication as to its notoriety! Whilst the exciting Paceville appeals to many, others might prefer a different type of nightlife during their stay in Malta. Fortunately for such people, the island offers numerous cultural, relaxing and romantic nightlife alternatives to Paceville’s wild party scene.

Relax on the beach

As a Mediterranean island, Malta has no shortage of gorgeous beaches. Small beaches like St George’s Bay offer a relaxing setting from which to enjoy a glass of wine whilst watching waves crash upon shore. If you’re looking for somewhere a little more isolated, try Mellieha Bay, Ghajn Tuffieha or Paradise Bay. All of these beaches are fantastic places to share a late evening picnic with friends.

A fine dining experience

A wide range of five star restaurants can be found throughout the island, no matter your preferred cuisine or setting. Malta has some especially renowned seafood restaurants - not surprising, considering the rich marine life surrounding the Mediterranean island. Alternatively, you might want to try a traditional Maltese restaurant for a true taste of the island’s traditional flavours. ‘Maltese Mama’ in St Julian’s offers classic national dishes such as fried rabbit, Maltese sausage and calamari stew. With fine dining also being significantly cheaper in Malta than elsewhere in Europe, you’d be wise in booking a table for a late night meal at one of Malta’s popular dining establishments.

Stroll the streets of Valletta

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Valletta, the capital of Malta and a World Heritage Site, is a beautiful place both night and day. Its streets are lit after dark, illuminating the Baroque buildings and Victorian townhouses. Several bars and restaurants are open until late, meaning you can find a cosy alleyway cafe to spend an hour or two, before strolling the romantic cobble streets.

Enjoy cocktails by the lounge pool

The northern town of St Paul’s Bay boasts a great, albeit underrated, nightlife. Whilst many of the bars here are catered toward an older crowd, live music venues like Cafe del Mar and Mynt Club offer performances by internationally renowned DJs, well-priced cocktails and a great atmosphere of lounge ambience. Cafe del Mar is an especially popular complex, famous for itsinfinity pool.

Cruise the Med at night

Some form of cruise is a must during your stay in Malta. Captain Morgan Cruises are perhaps the most reputable providers of round-the-island excursions, with a range of deals to suit your preferences. Online, you can book one of their various packages for a nighttime excursion, which will include a boat ride to one of Malta’s best beaches, an evening BBQ, open bar, and opportunity for a midnight swim.

Try your luck at the casino

Malta has become a hot destination for poker players all around Europe, in part because of the many tournaments that take place here. Sophisticated and modern, the Portomaso Casino in St Julians is a safe bet no matter what form of gambling you’re interested in. Located at the bottom of Malta’s tallest building, the Portomaso Tower, this casino is also famous for hosting Europe’s largest poker tournament, the Battle of Malta. For a more old-fashioned casino, try the Westin Dragonara. Those who find themselves in the north of the island can instead head to Oracle Casino, with its more casual vibe.

Watch fireworks

One thing will become extremely evident upon visiting Malta during the summer months - the locals love fireworks! So much so, that you can experience sensational firework displays throughout the year. At the end of April, there is even an island-wide fireworks festival to celebrate Malta’s 2004 accession into the EU. Find a cosy spot from which to view these magical fireworks, whether it be a hotel terrace, the beach or a park bench.

See a spectacular show

In Valletta you’ll find one of the most beautiful (and oldest) theatre houses in all of Europe - the Teatru Manoel. This gorgeous arts venue is a sight in itself, with its late Baroque interior and incredible history. Catch a performance by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, or get tickets for a ballet show. If you’re interested in Malta’s history, you could also venture into the small town of Siggiewi, where you can enjoy a traditional folklore show in an open-air venue. Journeying through prehistoric history to the present, the show will teach you about the most important chapters in Malta’s history through an array of performances by talented dancers and entertainers.

There’s no end to the list of places to go, and things to do, during Malta’s summer nights, so fear not if clubbing isn’t your cup of tea. For more information on evening and night activities, check with tourism offices for details on upcoming events.

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Canada might not have the same pull as other countries around the world, but that doesn’t mean it has little to offer. In fact, Canada has a lot to offer anyone that makes the decision to visit. Sure, you can go to the US instead, but where’s the fun in that holiday? You know all about America and what it has to offer, yet you know very little about Canada. To help you make your decision, here are the best sights and attractions the country has to offer.

Niagara Falls

A giant waterfall doesn’t seem like much when you picture it in your head. After all, it is only running water. When you get to Niagara Falls, you will instantly change your opinion. The beauty and ferociousness of the waterfall are enough to amaze anyone. The sheer size of it is also hard to gauge. You look down, and it never seems to end, which is both wowing and a little unsettling! There are other waterfalls, but there aren’t any as magnificent as Niagara.


Whistler is more than just a world famous ski resort. Of course, the skiing in Whistler is among the best in the world, not just Canada. And, if you are a skiing fanatic, there is no better place to visit. Still, you can go walking, hiking or even looking for bears if you have a death wish! The natural beauty of the area makes it the best place in Canada to go for a trek and explore. Plus, a getaway in the area isn’t as expensive as you might imagine. Thanks to Whistler rentals and AirBNB, it is possible to find accommodation at a reasonable price. And, there the food and drink are much cheaper in the supermarkets than the restaurants.

Notre Dame Basilica

The Notre Dame Basilica is in Montreal in the Old Montreal district. Now, the city has a variety of sights that you might prefer to the Basilica. But, it is one of the most popular among the many people that visit the city on a yearly basis. If you are into Gothic architecture and a palate of colors, it won’t disappoint. Plus, you get that feel of something bigger when you enter the main sanctuary. If you are lucky, you might even be able to catch an event or mass. Even the non-religious among you would be able to appreciate such an event.

A Hockey Game

Going to watch a game of hockey is like going to Britain and watching a soccer game – it is mandatory. The people of Canada take the game so seriously that the stars are like Gods. Just mention the name Wayne Gretzky and watch the response if you want to see an outpouring of love and passion. It is the national sport, and it is great to see people from different backgrounds come together. Plus, there might be a punch up which is always fun!

When you do visit, make sure you see all of the above.

ibiza not just for party

Not Just Parties!

Ibiza has a thoroughly deserved reputation as an all night dance party destination. However, the Balearic island has more to offer than Privilege night club, reps and stag parties. Large parts of the island are as far removed from the cheeesy 1990s reality show as "Geordie Shore" is from real life on Tyneside. Mike Posner's hit "I took a pill in Ibiza" has probably reinforced the stereotype of the island as a drug fueled paradise, but a discerning visitor to the island will soon discover that another side of Ibiza waits to be uncovered!

Some of Ibiza's attractions far removed from pounding techno music clubs include:

Distinctive Western Mediterranean Food

Ibiza is located close to mainland Iberia as well as North Africa, therefore its cuisine has its own distinctive stamp. That means its palate is both distinctive and infused with flavours of international influence. Lamb dishes ,oils, floured honey and local wines from Ibiza are deservedly famous internationally. Find a quiet village cafe off the tourist trail and take time to enjoy a glass of local wine with a selection of the Mediterranean's most authentic and distinctive dishes to accompany it. Visit the Es Cana, Ibiza's legendary hippy market. Located in the vicinity of Club Punta Arabí, its selection of hand made crafts and artisan goods is truly a feast for the senses!

Nature trail activities

When you've had enough of lazing by the beach or reclining in a deckchair, Ibiza offers a multitude of exercise activities. Snorkeling or scuba diving in sapphire blue waters of the Med is an unforgettable experience. Why not take a horseback ride along the rolling hills and beautiful beaches on the legendary local horse breeds or improve your swing at the island's picturesque golf courses; or else take in a session of classic outdoor pursuits like cycling, fishing or guided treks.

Formentera Day Trips

Daily ferries run from Ibiza to the neighbouring Balearic island of Formentera, which offers a getaway from the bustle of Ibiza. Formentera's port is ideal for renting mopeds or bicycles owing to the flat terrain of most of the island and the wide availability of specialized bicycle tracks in parts there. Formentera is less touristy than Ibiza, but is not so far off the beaten track that a Direct Travel Insurance policy won't cover you. The island boasts 4 historic Martello towers that remain standing to this day.

Balearic Retail Therapy

The old world Mediterranean charm of Ibiza's villages offers a treasure trove of boutique designer shops, souk style street markets and craft produce from local artisans. San Antonio and Ibiza port itself are some of the more commercially oriented shopping areas in the island.

Caves of Can Marca

The Caves of Can Marca are a major tourist destination, situated in northern Ibiza, in Port de Sant Miguel. These caves have existed for over 100,000 years and were once the hiding place of arms dealers and pirate smugglers! The caves of Can Marca can be visited 12 months of the year, tours last just over half an hour.

Office and residential buildings stand in the financial district of Manhattan in this aerial photograph taken over New York, U.S., on Wednesday, July 7, 2010. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

There are certain iconic cities that everyone should visit at least once. And New York has to be main attraction, as this vibrant metropolis offers a captivating blend of towering skyscrapers, captivating streetlife, and some startling entertainment opportunities that range from scratch cards to rollercoasters.

Must-see sights

The most striking thing about visiting New York is the incredible spectacle of the skyscrapers that fill up the skyline of Manhattan. If you’re looking for a good overview of the city, then a quick trip up the Empire State Building can provide a jaw-dropping panorama of the whole New York area.

A further iconic place to head to has to be Central Park that offers the slightly surreal, but ultimately tranquil excuse to have a picnic right in the heart of the metropolis that truly never sleeps.

Other essential things to do in NYC include taking a trip in a yellow taxi, admiring the chaos of Times Square, and of course grabbing a piece of that famous New York pizza pie!

Busy street and billboard of Times Square in New York City, New York, USA

What to do

New York is truly a shoppers paradise with the uptown Manhattan area being packed full of world-famous department stores such as Bergdorf Goodman that can provide luxury brands at eye-watering prices.

But for something a little more low-key, then wandering the streets of Greenwich Village and Chelsea can uncover many chic boutique shops that can help you find something truly unique to take back home.

If shopping isn’t your thing, then there’s plenty of gambling fun to be had at the Resorts World Casino that’s located on the outskirts near JFK airport. But if you’d prefer to stay downtown to gamble, then there’s always online gaming sites such as Coral that feature easy-to-use scratchcard games, so that you can scratch them off whilst you watch the world go by over another infamously strong cup of coffee!

Alternative sights

Of course, New York is such a big city that there’s truly something for everyone. So whether you fancy visiting the old-fashioned theme park at Coney Island that features some terrifying wooden rollercoasters, or want to pay your respects to New York’s punk heritage by exploring the gentrified Lower East Side, then you can be sure to find something interesting on pretty much any street corner.

So whether you’re looking to sail around the Statue of Liberty, or just want to play scratchcards in Central Park, New York certainly is the place to be in 2016!